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Banchek, L. (1994). Cooking for life: Ayurvedic recipes for good food and good health. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Bantam, B. and R. R. B. Company (1984). Bowker/Bantam. complete sourcebook of personal computing. New York; London; New York; London, Bowker: Bantam Books.

Barbach, L. (1994). The pause: positive approaches to menopause. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Barber, L. (1975). The 'Penthouse' sex index. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Barker, S. (1978). The Alexander Technique: the revolutionary way to use your body for total energy. Toronto [etc.]; London, Bantam.

Barlow, L. (1991). Leaves of fortune. New York; London, Bantam.

Barnard, C. N. and C. B. Pepper (1972). Christiaan Barnard: one life. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Barnard, N. D. and J. Raymond (1999). Foods that fight pain: revolutionary new strategies for maximum pain relief. London, Bantam.

Barnard, R. (1990). A city of strangers. London, Bantam.

Barnard, R. (1991). A scandal in Belgravia. London, Bantam Press.

Barnard, R. (1992). A fatal attachment. London, Bantam.

Barnard, R. (1993). A hovering of vultures. London, Bantam.

Barnett, L. (1968). The Universe and Doctor Einstein, Wm Bantam.

Barnstone, W. (1966). Modern European poetry: French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish. New York; London, Bantam Books.

Barnstone, W. and W. E. McCulloh (1967). Greek lyric poetry. New York, Bantam Books.

Baron, V. O. (1971). Here I am! an anthology of poems written by young people in some of America's minority groups. New York, Bantam.

Barone, M., L. J. Carlino, et al. (1974). Crazy Joe: a novel. Toronto [etc.]; London, Bantam.

Barr, A. (1995). Drink. London; New York, Bantam Press.

Barrett, N. (2004). Traces of guilt: hunting our most dangerous computer criminals. London, Bantam.

Barrett-Lee, L. (2000). Julia gets a life. London, Bantam.

Barrett-Lee, L. (2001). Virtual strangers. London, Bantam.

Barron, J. (1974). KGB: the secret work of Soviet secret agents. Toronto; New York, Bantam.

Barry, J. (1991). Casting. London, Bantam.

Barry, J. (1993). Hungry, Bantam P.

Barry, P. (1994). The rise and rise of Kerry Packer. Sydney; London, Bantam.

Barth, J. (1980). Lost in the funhouse. New York, Bantam.

Barth, J. (1981). Lost in the funhouse: fiction for print, tape, live voice. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Barth, J. (1981). The end of the road. New York, Bantam Books.

Bartlett, S. (1988). Highland jade. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Barton, W., M. Capobianco, et al. (1991). Fellow traveller. New York, Bantam Spectra.

Barzini, L. and J. Emerson (1976). The Italians. Toronto [etc.]; London, Bantam.

Bateson, G. (1988). Mind and nature: a necessary unity. Toronto, Bantam Books.

Bateson, G. and M. C. Bateson (1988). Angels fear: towards an epistemology of the sacred. Toronto; New York, Bantam.

Batra, R. N. (1988). The great depression of 1990. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Baudelaire, C. and W. Fowlie, Eds. (1964). Flowers of evil, and other works: Les fleurs du mal, et oeuvres choisies. A Bantam dual-language book, ND1002. New York, Bantam Books.

Bauman, C. (1966). The secret of Haverly House. Toronto; London, Bantam.

Bauman, C. (1975). The secret of Haverly House: by Carolyn Bauman. Toronto [etc.]; London, Bantam.

Beacham, W. (1987). Working with manuscript. Toronto; New York, Bantam Books.

Beardsley, L. and T. Spry (1976). The fulfilled woman. Toronto [etc.]; London, Bantam.

Beaton, M. C. (1994). Death of a gossip. Toronto; London, Bantam Books.

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